I•MOLD was created by Dr. Michael N. Weintraub, Dr. Daryl Moorhead, and the Center for Creative Instruction at the University of Toledo. I•MOLD was designed to provide educational outreach about decomposition for high school and university students. The I•MOLD virtual environment includes: animated lessons about leaf decomposition; high-latitude ecosystems; decomposition model simulations that allow users to use a real, scientific simulation model to predict decomposition rates for different plant litters in different environments; and lesson plans for teachers with learning objectives that map to specific curricular standards. This project was funded by the National Science Foundation Ecosystem Science Program (Grant #'s 0918718 and 1503939).

Susan Steiner, a science teacher from Murphy High School in Murphy, North Carolina collaborated with Dr. Michael Weintraub on I•MOLD's design while working with him through the National Science Foundation's PolarTREC program.

Michaela Margida, a doctoral candidate at the University of Toledo, contributed to developing the animation about mathematical modeling and revising the model simulation tools to offer a choice of model formulations for use.

The Center for Creative Instruction (CCI) is a multimedia development center at the University of Toledo that is dedicated to developing and implementing innovative technologies. Their highly collaborative team aims to shape the future of teaching and learning.

CCI has a history of entrepreneurial activities involving technology-related product development, including commercial activity supported by the University of Toledo Innovation Enterprises and a long-standing relationship with McGraw-Hill publishing company that has included the successful Anatomy & Physiology Revealed product series.

Additionally, CCI is a technical partner with faculty and researchers for educational, service and other grant project opportunities. CCI often meets with faculty during the grant proposal process to offer advice, direction and funding options in an effort to differentiate grant proposals from other submissions and secure adequate funding for technology needs.

Formed in 1993, CCI is a member of the New Media Consortium (NMC) and has been recognized as a NMC Center of Excellence. It has won numerous national, regional and local awards for the innovative and creative work by the CCI team.

CCI team for I•MOLD - Check us out
Bobbi Vaughan, Director of CCI
Lisa Procyk, Project Manager
Roy Schneider, Manager of Medical Illustration
Daniel Brainard, 3D Animator
Jamie Henneman, Software Engineer
Brock Clagg, Multimedia Developer
Joshua Klein, Medical Illustrator Intern